Oxnard College

Oxnard College’s 26th Intramural Speech Tournament

More than 100 students registered to participate in Oxnard College’s 26th Intramural Speech Tournament held on Dec. 5, 2018 on the OC Campus. The tournament was arranged into three categories: persuasive, informative and oral interpretation. The winners in each of the categories are below. Congratulations to the participants and the winners who made the tournament a huge success!


1st: Miguel Angel Guzman (Professor Fulkerson)

2nd: Jessica Hwee (Professor Fulkerson)

3rd: William Coronado (Professor Fulkerson)



1st: Angiulli Ramos (Professor Fulkerson)

2nd: Daniela Cortes (Professor Edwards)

3rd: Daniel Gonzalez (Professor Fulkerson)


Oral Interpretation:

1st: Alfred Genavia (Professor Fulkerson)

2nd: Juan Saldivar (Professor Fulkerson)

3rd: Robert Haddock (Professor Fulkerson)

1 comment on “Oxnard College’s 26th Intramural Speech Tournament

  1. We can’t wait to the next one. I am proud of all who participated!


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